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This innovative new product has just been introduced into the marketplace. It is a simple, innovative device which quickly and easily repairs any broken vertical blind. Soon, you will see this kit available in major home improvement, department, and other fine retail stores throughout the US. This is an introductory special promotion!

No matter how badly the vane is damaged, this device will permit you to re-attach it securely to its' holding tab. This kit can also be used to reinforce new and unbroken vanes, so you'll never have to worry about them breaking.

Vertical blinds are estimated to be in 75% of U.S. households and businesses. That's a lot of vertical blinds! And until now, there has not been a suitable product to fix broken vanes, and hence, the consumer was forced to buy (usually through special order) replacement vanes.

The standard kit comes with five (5) clear plastic clips that slide over the top of the vane, and stay in place by 3M clear gel tape. The vane is then re-attached using the new reinforced clip. This patented design is guaranteed to hold your vanes in place for the life of your blinds!

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